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360 Smart Lingo's Professional Language Services provide mission-critical language support to global Healthcare Organizations and their patients

If you are using Internal Staff to support multilingual communication with patients versus Professional Interpreters, this is for you...

At 360 Smart Lingo, we’ve worked hand in hand with Healthcare organizations and their closely-related business and Healthcare partners supporting their language-related needs.

Studies have shown that internal staff, such as bilingual employees or family members, typically not possess either the necessary language skills or the medical knowledge to provide accurate and effective interpretation in healthcare settings. This said, professional interpreters have been found to significantly reduce medical errors, liability and improve patient outcomes and patient experience.

A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that professional interpreters were associated with a 19% decrease in the odds of adverse events compared to ad hoc interpreters (such as internal staff).

360 Smart Lingo interpreters are specifically trained in medical terminology and cultural sensitivity, ensuring accurate and culturally appropriate communication between healthcare providers and patients.

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What you get with our tailored Healthcare Language Support Services

Fully Tailored Solution

From the very onset of our relationship, we’ll ensure that we have a complete understanding of your business requirements. We’ll train our language resources to provide 100% compliance with your organization’s requirements.

Dedicated Team

Our professionals are hyper efficient when it comes to client responses. With each incoming communications, our resources will respond o fulfill the required language in accordance with your best practices.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

It makes sense to have someone that is intimate with your account. We provide you with a dedicated Client Success Manager to all recurring request accounts. This familiarity reduces communication issues while streamlining and increasing the quality.

Technology-Enabled Solution

360 Smart Lingo’s professional team can schedule onsite resources, or plug you  into any video-conferencing platform. Whether we’re acting as a stopgap for professional interpreters, or acting as  your professional language provider supporting your language requirements, we’re here to help.

Custom Training

We develop a custom training course for each and every client. It serves to guide our team of language professionals towards a unified methodology and approach. Tone, terminology style, syntax, brand voice and cultural consideration preferences are just some of the areas covered.

Custom Reporting

We agree on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with you and provide regular reports. These reports include details on minute count, calls/communications processed, and other relevant metrics. By tracking these KPIs, we can provide you with valuable insights,  identify trends, and assess the impact of our services.

We are the number 1 language service company and language advocacy group in the Middle-East.

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