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360 Smart Lingo provides leading training and staffing solutions to other Language Companies and Corporate entities that are looking to fill language-related positions. Learn more about our Staffing and Training solutions!

Complete Language-Related Staffing and Training Solutions.

Whether you’re a language company seeking reliable support or a corporate entity looking to fill critical language-related positions, we’ve got you covered. We can both train or staff your requirements. At 360 Smart Lingo, we specialize in providing comprehensive staffing solutions that can serve as your dependable backstop or deliver top-tier talent for various language roles, including translators, medical interpreters, and community interpreters. With our exceptional success rate, you can trust us to meet your language needs effectively and efficiently. Plus, our scalability means we can have qualified resources up and running within days, ensuring your language requirements are met promptly and professionally.

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My company needs additional language resources.

1. Reach out to us to discuss

The very first step is naturally to get an idea and understanding of what is needed from a staffing and resource perspective. Once that has been well defined and documented, including everything from required certifications and specialities, we get to work.

2. Assembling the team

Irrespective of whether you’re looking for a linguistic backstop to ease your peak hours, expand your offering to 24/7 operations, or simply need resources to provide essential language services. 360 Smart Lingo will use all the collected information to select and train the best resources.

3. Test run the resources

You’ll have a period of time to test run the resources we’ve assembled and trained for you. This period of time will be critical to ensure they exceed your expectations or should we need to refine certain training elements for the resource.

3. Sign-off and Kick-off

Providing the resources have exceeded your expectations, you (and they) are ready to kick-off the work and start supporting your language needs through your new and most-excellently trained language professionals.

My company needs training solutions for our team.

1. Reach out to us to discuss

With training, it’s important to establish what topics need to be addressed, the level of the “students”, and the method in which we’ll deliver the trainings. It is critical to know whether pre-recorded sessions are preferred or whether customized live training is the way to go.

2. Crafting the training

360 Smart Lingo will develop and craft the training based on your requirements, whether you need medical training to enhance your medical interpreters in a given topic or are just looking to align the knowledge base of your current team. You’ll get exactly what you need.

3. Training and Testing

We launch the training once we’ve developed it and you’ve signed off on the topics and deliver method. Irrespective of whether it’s a live trainer or recorded sessions, we ensure that every “student” has an in-depth understanding of the topic to ensure great results on our training exams.

3. Certificates and Feedback

Once the language professionals have completed their training and passed the exam, we provide a 360 Smart Lingo certificate that certifies that they’ve passed our training. From there, we survey you in addition to the “students” to continually enhance our delivery methods and techniques.

"It is such an open, creative, and safe environment. It makes me want to stay forever. I would like to thank 360 family for having me as an interpreter."

Iris RebolledoSpanish Linguist for 360 Smart Lingo

"I'm having the time of my life here. I am so thankful I got to be part of this family, yes family, because they treat you as a member of their family."

Anthony WainrightHaitian-Creole Linguist for 360 Smart Lingo

"I am a better and more aware person now because of 360 SMART LINGO. I wished I could start working with them from day 1 in the company."

Shkar HamaKurdish Sorani Linguist for 360 Smart Lingo

"From the moment the first job interview started, I was really happy to see what a professional company I would start working with. Starting from the training process to onboarding, I am very satisfied that everyone in the company is taking their job very seriously and they're very dedicated. This professionalism and support gave me more motivation in my job. Thank You."

Melike CoskunTurkish Linguist for 360 Smart Lingo

"360 SMART LINGO is a very transparent company from the hiring to the onboarding process. I've worked for some international companies all over, and I certainly could rate 360 as one of the most amiable corporations to work for, making me want to stay here for a long time."

Lucas CostaPortuguese Linguist for 360 Smart Lingo

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