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360 Smart Lingo's Professional DTP Services are trusted by Language Services Companies and Corporate entities around the world to deliver perfectly laid out mutilingual content.

Specialized Desktop Publishing for any language.

Our Desktop Publishing service is designed to elevate your multilingual content to the next level. We understand that presenting your message professionally and effectively in multiple languages is crucial for global communication success. Our expert Desktop Publishing team combines linguistic proficiency with design expertise to seamlessly integrate translated content into your documents, brochures, manuals, and marketing materials.

Whether you require meticulous formatting, typesetting, or layout adjustments, we ensure that your materials maintain their visual appeal while accurately conveying your message in various languages. We work diligently to preserve the original design’s aesthetics, fonts, and formatting, all while adapting it for different scripts and languages. With our Desktop Publishing service, you can trust that your multilingual content will not only be linguistically accurate but also visually stunning, leaving a lasting impression on your global audience.

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What's involved in 360 Smart Lingo's DTP Services.

1. Content Analysis

Our DTP experts begin by analyzing your source files and content. This includes text, images, character sets, and layout elements. Understanding the context and intended audience of your material is crucial.

2. Translation and Localization

If DTP is part of the translation process, our linguists work closely with our DTP team to ensure that the layout is optimal to house the content, while also maintaining linguistic, cultural and reader best-practices.

3. File Format Compatibility

Different design and publishing platforms require specific proficiencies. For Adobe InDesign for example, we work with INDD (or IDML) files, which allow for seamless integration of text and design elements into TMS platforms.

4. Layout Adjustments

Our DTP specialists adjust the layout, fonts, styles, and formatting to accommodate the translated text and ensure visual consistency across all languages. We are specialized in LTR and RTL layouts and associated languages.

5. Multilingual Typesetting

360’s Typesetting experts handle various scripts and languages, ensuring that characters are correctly aligned, font sizes are appropriate, and text flows naturally within the design. We also accommodate font mapping for more complex aspects of localization.

6. Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks are conducted by professional linguists to verify that the DTP work accurately reflects the original design and that there are no typographical errors, formatting issues, or layout discrepancies. We deliver a fully QA’ed final product, ready for market.

7. Delivery Formats

Once the desktop publishing process is complete, we provide you with the final output files in the format you’ve requested. This may include INDD, AI, PDF, or other formats, ensuring that you can seamlessly use the materials for your intended purpose upon delivery.

8. Full Loop Client Feedback

We integrate the client into our process to ensure that they can provide their feedback in an organized and timely manner. This ensures that the DTP performed meets their expectations and requirements. Any necessary revisions are made promptly by our specialists.

9. On-Time Delivery

On or before your requested deadline, 360 will deliver the finalized, professionally designed material to you through email, shared file link or other requested method, ensuring that the delivery ready for printing or digital distribution.

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