Localization and LangOps Solutions

360 Smart Lingo's Leading Localization Services are trusted by Language Services Companies and Corporate entities around the world to for the localization of their software and apps.

Complete Worry-Free Localization Solutions

360 Smart Lingo’s Localization service goes beyond mere translation; it’s a comprehensive approach that leverages the power of Language Operations (LangOps) to adapt your software and apps for global audiences. We understand that successful localization entails more than just linguistic accuracy; it requires cultural sensitivity, technical expertise, and efficient workflows.

Our LangOps experts work tirelessly to ensure that your software, websites, apps and content resonate with local users, adhering to cultural norms and preferences while maintaining functionality and user experience.

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How 360 Smart Lingo's Localization services work.

1. Pre-Localization Analysis

We begin by understanding your software’s functionality, target markets, and user personas. This analysis informs our localization strategy, allowing us to identify potential cultural, linguistic, and technical challenges.

2. Content Prep

Our Localization experts extract all translatable content and preps it to be compatible with TMS platforms, including user interface text, help files, error messages, and documentation. This step ensures that every element of your software is considered for localization.

3. LangOps Integration

Language Operations (LangOps) is integral to our process. It involves automation and streamlining of various localization tasks, such as content management, translation memory utilization, and version control. LangOps ensures efficiency and consistency throughout the localization cycle.

4. UI and UX Adaptation

We modify the user interface to accommodate the translated text, ensuring that buttons, menus, and navigation elements align seamlessly. The goal is to maintain a consistent and user-friendly experience across languages.

5. Translation of Content

Linguistic accuracy and cultural relevance are paramount. Our team of skilled translators and localization specialists work together to translate and adapt content, taking into account cultural nuances, regional preferences, and context of the app, or software.

6. Cultural Validation, Testing and QA 

Rigorous testing is conducted to verify that the localized software functions as intended in all target languages, all the while being culturally validated. This includes linguistic testing, cultural acceptance testing, functional testing, and user experience testing to ensure a flawless user experience.

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