Virtual Interpretation Services

Access professional interpreters virtually for business, healthcare, or customer support needs through your preferred video conferencing platform. Our interpreters, your platform, whenever you need us to be there.

Our Interpreters, your platform, anytime.

Experience the future of language access with 360 Smart Lingo’s virtual interpreting services. Our virtual interpreters bring convenience and clarity through your video-conferencing platform, ensuring that language is never a barrier to effective communication. Whether having a meeting, or integrating us into your TeleHealth solution, you can with just a click, access our expert interpreters who specialize in a wide range of languages and industries, making your virtual meetings, conferences, and events accessible to a global audience.


Don’t have your own platform? You may be looking for Virtual Remote Interpretation.

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How to Schedule a Virtual 360 Smart Lingo Interpreter.

1. Assemble Basic Information

We begin by understanding your requirements for the interpreter. As they will be online, we ensure they are well prepared for topics, terminology or situations they may face. These usually involve, the date and time, language required, type of assignment, topics, terminology to be used, platform, and sign-in process.

2. Give us a call or schedule online

When you have all your basic information, that’s when you would communicate with 360 Smart Lingo to book an interpreter. We offer a few different convenient methods for you to book with us, each having being flexible enough to accommodate your preferences. You can do so, by phone, through our web chat, or by filling out a form (below).

3. Interperter and Platform Selection

Once we have a thorough understanding of what the requirements are, the interpreter or team of interpreters are selected to ensure optimal talent sourcing. The interpreters receive the assignment information, date/time and the platform they’ll be using to ensure their proficiency.

4. The Virtual Interpretation

On the scheduled date, time, our interpreter connects to your platform to provide language support. This can involve consecutive interpretation (where the interpreter speaks after the speaker) in the case of meetings or simultaneous interpretation (where the interpreter provides real-time interpretation through a different and dedicated channel) in the case of online webinars. The interpreter(s) work for the duration of the assignment ensuring clear and concise communication. Each interpreter respects and adheres to the ethical standards and guidelines.

5. Post-Interpretation

After the assignment has been completed and the client (or the service recipient) confirms there is nothing else required of them, the interpreter(s) provide(s) a standard formatted summary of the assignment for 360 Smart Lingo’s records.

360 Smart Lingo also sends out a Client Satisfaction Survey to the client (or the service recipient if possible) to ensure that we receive at least a 98% satisfaction rating.

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