Trusted Consecutive Interpreting Services

Our Consecutive Interpreters are top-tier talent, providing access to language to those in need. With 360 Smart Lingo's consecutive interpreting, you can ensure that everything from conversations and calls are communicated with the utmost quality.

Consecutive interpreters, facilitating the communication you need.

Our consecutive interpretation services at 360 Smart Lingo offer a reliable language solution for businesses, organizations, and event organizers. With our team of highly skilled interpreters, we facilitate clear and precise communication across different languages during meetings, healthcare appointments and scenarios involving refugees or immigrants. Our interpreters possess expertise not only in language but also in the intricacies of various industries, guaranteeing accurate and culturally sensitive communication throughout the entire event.

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How to Access a 360 Smart Lingo On-Demand Interpreter.

1. Create an account with 360 Smart Lingo

The best way to access our On-Demand consecutive interpreters will be to create an account with us. From there, we can ensure that we have your account set up with relevant PINs so that you can track who is making use of the service and the associated investments. We will ensure that your languages are accessible, your reporting KPIs are set up and we’ll provide customized menus should your requirements be unique.

2. Be Onboarded

When you have all your basic account information, that’s when you can rollout the service information throughout your organization. Your users will have access to an online, video tutorial for their convenience. We can also organize one of our trainers to conduct an onboarding training for your team. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start making the calls at your convenience.

3. Make your calls

Once you’re ready to start making calls, it’s relatively easy to use. You simply have your staff utilize your accounts telephone number and follow the prompts. You’ll be able to request the desired language and you’ll be connected to interpreter within seconds. They’ll introduce themselves, at which point you’ll bring in the other party. The interpreter introduces themselves to the other party and the call can begin!

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