About 360 Smart Lingo

Learn why we do what we do. Our story and our people live our purpose to break down cultural and linguistic barriers by transcending language.

About 360 Smart Lingo

At 360 Smart Lingo, we understand the power and beauty of language. We know that finding the right words can open up opportunities, bridge divides, and make the world a better place. That’s why our purpose is to help businesses communicate globally  and help individuals from all walks of life communicate effectively and accurately.
We believe that words have the power to transform the world and our services are designed to ensure that they are used in the most effective way. We have a unique, human-first, technology-enabled approach to language services.
We have the knowledge, experience, and innovative technologies to make your cross-language communication seamless. With our help, you can be sure that every word is used to its fullest potential.
At the end of the day, we are in the business of forming connections. We are proud to be helping our clients create a more connected and understanding world.

Meet The Founders


Reem Elkady
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Reem is an entrepreneur, a clinical pharmacist, and a former interpreter. She held multiple managerial positions and worked in various industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, and the language industry. Reem has always been an advocate for the human rights of equality, and access to education and healthcare.

Reem is focusing on the sustainability of the business by driving expansions and securing alliances and partnerships with key players in the healthcare and education fields, as well as decision makers in governments.


Ahmed Nadim
Founder and BI and Innovation Manager

Ahmed is an entrepreneur, a civil engineer, and a former interpreter. He drives the development of the infrastructure of 360 SMART LINGO. He defined and established the brand, launched the marketing strategies externally and internally, and now focuses on building the company systems in all aspects.

Ahmed started his career as a civil engineer but found his calling in the language industry. That’s when he career-shifted to become an interpreter and decided to create a larger impact on the world by co-founding 360 SMART LINGO.


Sherif Elhaddad
Founder and Business Development Manager

Sherif is an entrepreneur, linguist, and a former interpreter. He left engineering school purposefully so that he could study linguistics and has capitalized on his linguistic ability and affinity for teaching by forming the educational basis of 360 SMART LINGO.

Through his experience as a medical interpreter, Sherif realized the importance of language access and has made it his mission to create a tailored learning journey for those who are willing and passionate enough to become linguists, in an attempt to break language barriers.

Meet The C-Suite

Bryan Montpetit
Chief Growth Officer

Bryan Montpetit is an internationally renowned keynote speaker and Language Industry luminary. With over two decades of expertise, Bryan is a true trailblazer in the Language Industry, celebrated for his exceptional emotional intelligence, mentorship prowess, and growth-hacking sales and digital marketing strategies.

Bryan started as a programmer analyst working in Europe on software development and localization. Bryan’s journey to success is a testament to his unparalleled understanding of digital marketing, business development, technology, and team leadership. 

He has not only excelled in C-Level roles but has also been the driving force behind numerous language industry triumphs.

Kirsten Barrie
Fractional Chief Financial Officer

Founder/owner of Verte Consulting – Kirsten has over 17 years experience as a CFO working with large corporate brands, small businesses, marketing agencies, tech start-ups, retail/e-tail, and professional service businesses.

She is passionate about effecting change of financial equality by supporting founders (especially women+ founders) and helping them achieve their dreams.

“Because the reality is that if we do nothing it will take 75 years, or for me to be nearly a hundred, before women can expect to be paid the same as men for the same work.” – Emma Watson

360 Advocacy Initiatives

360 Smart Lingo Language Advocacy spans the globe with initiatives being executed throughout the world in varying settings. From patient language accessibility advocacy around the world to working closely with charitable organizations, ensuring refugees are able to communicate effectively through a network of professional interpreters, 360 Smart Lingo is a leader in Language Advocacy.

360 Smart Lingo is the most active advocate for Language Accessibility in the United Arab Emirates.

Some of our active initiatives:

  • Language Accessibility for Healthcare Patients
  • Pro-Bono work and compassion pricing  for people of determination

If you would you like to know more about our advocacy work or have an idea for an advocacy initiative, please communicate with advocacy@360smartlingo.com

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