Leading Medical Tourism Language Support Services

360 Smart Lingo's Professional Language Services ensure Medical Tourism Providers can provide native language support to their clients

Provide care to medical tourism patients in their native language.

We are 360 Smart Lingo, your trusted language service company specializing in providing professional language support for medical tourism providers and their patients. We understand the importance of effective communication in the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to serving international patients.

When medical tourism providers have language support from a professional company like ours, both the providers and their patients benefit greatly. Here’s why:

Improved Patient Experience

Language barriers can often lead to miscommunication, confusion, and frustration for patients seeking medical treatment abroad. By offering language support, medical tourism providers can ensure that their patients feel understood, supported, and confident throughout their entire healthcare journey. From airport pickup with a professional interpreter through to receiving care and post treatment information and taking them back to the airport. This leads to a more positive patient experience and sets the provider apart from the rest.

Enhanced Quality of Care

Clear and effective communication is crucial in delivering high-quality healthcare services. With language support, medical tourism providers can effectively communicate with their patients, understand their medical history, provide accurate instructions, and address any concerns or questions. This ultimately leads to better patient outcomes and satisfaction. By provided language support to medical tourism patients, you’re showing very simply, they come first.

Increased Market Reach

The global market for medical tourism is expanding rapidly, with more and more patients seeking healthcare services abroad. By offering language support, medical tourism providers can tap into new markets and attract a wider range of international patients. Research shows that patients are more likely to choose a provider who offers services in their own language, as it instills trust and confidence.

Buying and Research Trends

Studies have shown that when shopping for healthcare services, prospective clients prefer to research and make decisions in their own language. By providing language support, medical tourism providers can cater to these preferences and ensure that their services are easily accessible and understandable to potential patients. This increases the chances of converting leads into loyal customers.

At 360 Smart Lingo, we have a team of experienced language professionals who specialize in the healthcare industry. We offer a wide range of language services, including translation, interpretation, and localization, to meet the unique needs of medical tourism providers and their patients.

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What you get with our tailored customized Medical Tourism Language Support Services

Fully Tailored Solution

From the very onset of our relationship, we’ll ensure that we have a complete understanding of your client’s language needs. We’ll train our language resources to provide 100% compliance with their preferences.

Pre, During and Post

Our team works with your client before their surgery, during their care in addition to post-surgery. This enables your client to feel comfortable that they are being understood and that they understand all aspects of their care-related communication.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

It makes sense to have someone that is intimate with your account. We provide you with a dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure you and your client are taken care of. This familiarity reduces communication issues while streamlining and increasing the quality.

Spoken or Written Info

360 Smart Lingo’s professional team can provide the language support in either spoken services (interpretation) or in written form (translation) or a combination of both to create a beneficially holistic experience for your client.

HIPAA Compliance

360 Smart Lingo is HIPAA compliant with all aspects of our healthcare language support service delivery. This means that with respect to medical tourism, we are aware of what is required to ensure that patient privacy is respected.

Client Satisfaction

The last thing you want when you’re recovering is trying to figure out how to communicate what you need or want to say. The medical tourist’s physical and psychological comfort should be made a priority, which can be done through language support.

We are the number 1 language service company and language advocacy group in the Middle-East.

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