Specialized Healthcare Language Solutions

360 Smart Lingo's Professional Languages Services are designed to enhance patient care and international medical tourism through complete Language support services, from interpreting through to translation.

360 Smart Lingo is your premier partner for Healthcare Organizations language solutions.

In the realm of healthcare, the accurate and efficient exchange of information is paramount. Yet, language barriers often pose significant challenges for patients to accurately communicate their issues and for medical professionals to understand and diagnose.

There are also concerns about liability due to potential miscommunications when not using a trained language professional. They go well beyond bilingual staff and protect Healthcare organizations against any liabilities cases.

Our Consecutive interpretation services are meticulously crafted to address these pain points head-on, offering a seamless solution for healthcare organizations. By leveraging our expertise, you can not only enhance patient experiences but also unlock the potential to attract international patients, promoting medical tourism.

With 360 Smart Lingo by your side, you can navigate the complexities of multilingual healthcare environments confidently and ensure that language never stands in the way of delivering quality care.

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How we support Healthcare Organizations' language needs.

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive interpretation offers a more deliberate and structured approach to (spoken) translation. It’s ideal for situations where the traditional back and forth conversations typical occur, such as healthcare consults, doctor diagnoses or emergency situations where the patient and medical professional don’t speak the same language. Any context where precision is paramount.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation is the gold standard for dynamic, real-time communication. It’s the service of choice for medical conferences and international virtual meetings with prospective patients. The latency between the spoken work and the interpretation is effectively nothing allowing for other language speakers to comfortably watch and listen to the speaker and communication.

Translation Services

Translation is the art and science of converting text from one language into another while preserving its meaning, tone, and intent. It’s not merely a mechanical process of substituting words but a delicate craft that requires a deep understanding of both the source and target languages, as well as cultural nuances. This work is typical carried out on documents, but almost any file format can be provided in translation.

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